Two works, completed during my D.E.A. represent limited analyses of myself. They are “me”, … but “who am I ?”.

I” propose to answer this question through a “self-analysis” that resorts –to the free association process, -the analysis of my photographic works according to the dream interpretation method, appealing to collective symbolism, -an amplification of the tragedy dealt with in the first chapter : “Mental image : body in pain”, resulting in the creation of three series : “Ambivalence and the acceptance of bi-polarite”, “Death and re-birth”, and finally “The infinite”, respectively dealt with in the second, third and fourth chapter.

The fifth chapter, “My inner discourse”, materializes the meaningful items determined by associative patterns, and it defines my defensive dynamic.

It is only at the end of this experiment that I plainly realize the ambiguity of my project: mesmerized by the “Objet”, I was unable to free myself from it. They were my real self: the original thing. My body and the image of my body were but a second self; the meaningful core of the matter was “elsewhere”.

My “self-analysis” embodied in a thesis appears as the exemplification of my questioning my own self, an illusion of the senses. I know that I am, for I know that I am a social being; but I refute the logical consequences of that awareness. I need some proof of my existence, and I’ve opted for a paper representation of myself. The shape printed by the light, the written mark, become the reflection, the concrete representation of an existential Angst.

The quest designates the endless echo of an absence, the inability to test oneself in the real present. Each work is a sign of my getting hold of myself through thinking.

“I” represent myself, but the successive representations of the discourse, a series of metamorphoses, create the shapeless.

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